The Christian Outside The Box With @feranmi_4aces


The interview series: Christian Outside The Box.

This is a about Christians doing things outside the box (church). Professing their Faith and giving Acknowledgement to God. And we had our first interview session with Oluwaferanmi Ogundeko… Enjoy and Blessed!

(Q). What’s your name?
(A). Oluwaferanmi Ogundeko.
(Q). When was the moment Jesus Christ got real to you?

(A). After diploma in unilag (2013)… I always attended church but then I found out that he loves me, he really does and my reaction was simply to fall in love not to make him fall in love. Doing stuff for him became easy, because he did all he could to save me, fell in love with the gospel and it transformed me.

(Q). Have you ever being opposed for your faith? And how did you handle it?

(A). Not being opposed, just being called names like pastor, Jesus freak, Psychopath (this one really annoys me). How I handled it…. Took It on the chest… Jesus took more now… He’s our example.

(Q). What’s your own idea of a christian outside the box?

(A).  A Christian outside the four walls of the church. We don’t get to be the church while seated in a building, our work begins out there! We can’t afford to attend church once a week, join the workforce maybe and just leave it there… Jesus told us to go out into all the world… Every field possible and shine!

(Q). What were the things that influenced your initial reluctancy to professing your faith outside the box?

(A).  Ahhh! What would people say, access to funds, procrastination. I’ll do it later syndrome and would there be a market available.

(Q). How did you overcome this?

 (A).  By simply getting to work, by making one tee. We underestimate the power of one. Do one and start from there.

(Q). What is your main goal/motivation in taking your faith outside the box?
(A).  Paul says we show forth the fragrance of Jesus everywhere we go. It’s all about him, making jokes using every form/platform to exalt Jesus.

(Q). What exactly do you do that profess taking your faith outside the box.

(A). I sell tees, faith based tees mainly …. Which build conversations around Jesus.
@crossculturecouture on Instagram and @crosscultureco on Twitter.

(Q). What are the benefits you enjoy from taking your faith outside the box?
(A). Fulfillment: knowing that someone out there is seeing Jesus, using my talents for Jesus.. The giver.

(Q). Your faith is outside the box, how do you tend to improve to give more light to your faith and acknowledgement to God?

(A).  Introduce better designs, partner with a charity, expand the business, collaborate with others and get an actual shop where people can buy Jesus stuff … Tees, books, hats, caps, etc.

(Q). What’s your sincere advice for Christians who are feeling reluctant in taking their faith outside the box?

(A). Go out there. Shine your lights, It’s a command. He has given you all you need..  Just be what he has made you

(Q). What’s your word for Christians and the church this year?

(A).  1, Church is an assembly ground we don’t stay there, we move out. The gates of hell don’t need to prevail against a standing church (they’ll be happy to see you stagnant). The church should always be on the march, taking territories for Jesus.

2, Don’t underestimate the power of one, everything is useful when you place them in the hands of Jesus. Your five loaves and 2 fishes, might seem little but give them to Jesus and watch him feed the multitude.

3, If and when you fall, just get back up. A righteous man falls seven times, but he gets back up every time 😊✌✌E go Be…Love you!





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