This is yet another sizzling rap mix titled Fire in my bones. This one has the whole naija flavor to it. The song is written as a charge to all children of light on our absolute responsibilities as believers and also features insights into the contents of gospel as revealed by scriptures.

Olawoyin Folajimi a.k.a Hassel is a Lagos state born and bred gospel rapper, song writer, fashion designer and a graduate of the University of Lagos. His central drive is to make songs that reveal Jesus plus nothing/no-one else –

To the world: as Saviour and King

To Believers: as the author and finisher of our Faith and to cause stirrings in the hearts of listeners by constant emphasis on the new creation realities.

Producer: LyquidMix

Social Media handle: Twitter/Instagram – @Jimmy_hassel

Follow link to Listen and Download:

Song Lyrics:

Verse 1: There’s fire in my bones

I have got the victory coz

God is on the throne

Tell the world that this message can heal and save: that I’m free and no longer a slave.

This is something you should know about.

How Christ died and eternal life did come about grace and peace is multiplied when

You down on your knees. growing in revelations: so take it to The nations. Tell’em you got Christ within: you free From sin

Tell’em that he he took the blame for you he came All you gotta do is just believe. Go into the world preach, there’s no place the gospel cannot reach. I have been called, you have been Called

Light is not meant to be hidden

The mystery that was hid now is

shown: to you in the face of Christ

and God reveals his will at no cost or

price coz Christ paid

We enter into his presence freely, I’m

gonna let the world know this.

Chorus: There’s fire in my bones

Fire in my bones

I won’t stop speaking coz

Fire in my bones

For in my bones

For in my bones

I won’t stop speaking coz there’s fire

in my bones aaahh (2ce)

Verse 2: The gospel is, nothing but

the glory of one man:

Christ he came down to the crowd,

became like us that he could be

faithful as an high priest: my sins he

washed by the blood.

His death, burial, resurrection, what

the law couldn’t do

He brought perfection: being the end

of the law

Eternal life has come to us

He made us holy and blameless

Named us the sons

Spirit within us, made in his image

Translated to light, we are saved by

his life, we are seated with Christ, let

the world realise this:

Life is a person

Live is his nature

How could he hate you

Seeing that Jesus was clearly

crucified for your sins

Now you have to answer for the sins

that were paid for

Life that he gives you is free to


So nothing can compare to being

born from above, to being raised up

to heaven, being one with the father

How could I not speak about this yo.


**Laughs** E Je a so fun won


And if I decide this day

Not to speak of him or mention his


His word in my heart

will be like fire shut up in my bones

I just can’t contain it

For I as unashamed is the gospel of


For it is the power of God unto the

salvation of everyone that believes

This is the commandment that he has

given us, that he has made us a light

amongst the people, that we should

bring salvation to the ends of the


You know a lamp is not lit and places


But instead it is placed on a lamp

stand that it should show the light to

everyone that is in the room

Now this is the calling that we have


This is the awesome life that we have

and we have the responsibility to

make every single person come into

the knowledge of this

Now I cannot contain this,

I cannot keep shut

This is the mandate

That I stand for

Glory to Jesus.

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Author: tmafrica

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